ECI sources all its products through a quality system, which ensures very high quality and reliability. These quality labels are internationally recognised as a marker of ‘high-end’ performance.

The main aim of the ECI quality system is customer satisfaction, by ensuring that the colostrum we provide is reliable, safe and of high quality. Everything we do is in the spirit of continuous improvement.

The ECI quality-management system is based on the ISO 9001 (quality-management systems), ISO 22000 (food-safety-management systems) and FCA (GMP) standards.

The ISO 22000 system is an international standard concerning the safety of food items (in particular as it pertains to ensuring safety at the operational level).  This includes Good Hygiene Practices (GHP), traceability and, of course, HACCP.    

The FCA system (GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practices) is an internationally recognised system. It covers all the activities that are carried out in the animal feed sector, in particular, by setting high standards for buildings, equipment and processes and demonstrating a commitment to safety, reliability and quality through compliance with the regulations in effect and by going beyond them.

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