Since 2021, the new production site in the Novalis Science Park in Aye (Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium) has allowed ECI to work with a tool equipped with modern technologies and to meet the strictest quality standards.

outil de production

This new tool, which measures nearly 2500 m², can perform every step involved in the processing of bovine colostrum, whether for liquid products (frozen) or those in powder form (spray-dried or freeze-dried).

The choices of which technologies to implement, particularly for the process to remove bacteria, were made with a view to ensuring optimal preservation of the biological activity of the end product (particularly the antibodies).

tour de séchage colostrum

To this end, ECI has acquired a brand-new MSD (Multi Spray Dried) Spray Dryer, which makes it possible to dry colostrum, preserve its biological qualities and obtain a granulated powder that is completely soluble.

Finally, the entire process is managed by a centralised management tool, where all of the data is automatically generated, collected and analysed.