By reinforcing their partnership with ECI, Ouest-Elevage and the CER Groupe are becoming one of the european leaders on the market of the colostrum and open new international perspectives.

The first objective is to develop the offer of health food and cosmetics products.

As of 2013, the research will mainly be based on the development of health food products. The production and marketing of this type of product should start in 2016.

Besides, the research will also be based on the development of cosmetics made with fat extracted from the bovine colostrum and rich in growth factors and in fat-soluble vitamins.

This development will contribute to an increased value of the colostrum for the producers.

New technologies

The entire research linked to the colostrum used by ECI is carried out by the CER Groupe which is a research centre approved in Wallonia and which is active in the food-processing and biomedical fields.

Project Coldkill I and II:

  • "Development of a new process of non thermic pasteurization to increase the food value of the colostrum and of raw milk".
  • Project managed by the CER Groupe and CELABOR.
  • Financing: RW-DGO3 (2010-2013).

Project ATOCOL:

  • "Study on the use of the atomization for drying bovine colostrum (alternative to the lyophilization).
  • Project managed by the CER Groupe and the Liège University.
  • Financing: RW-DGO3 (2010-2011).


  • "Study on the development of walloon bovine colostrum and of probiotics in the petfood industry.
  • Project managed by the CER Groupe and the Liège University (CWBi and FMv).
  • Financing: RW-DGO3 (2012-2013).