The colostrum

The colostrum is the first liquid produced by female mammals immediately after birth. Its composition is rich in proteins, particularly in immunoglobulins (antibodies), vitamins, minerals and growth factors.

The calf lacks immune system at birth. The colostrum, rich in maternal antibodies, is the only source able to protect the calf until its immune system is able to do so.

With calves, the use of colostrum rests on 4 fundamental rules:

1-    How soon the first meal is taken (has to be within the first 12 hours)
2-    How rich in antibodies is the first meal
3-    The total quantity taken is to be sufficient (3 or 4 litres)
4-    Respect of hygienic conditions when giving the colostrum

You will find here the requirements in terms of quality of the colostrum supplied to ECI.
Given its richness, the colostrum is a raw material appreciated for producing food complements for pet as well as for human consumption as it is very rich in antibodies and other elements with a high nourishing and healthy value.

Colostrum and immunity transfer

Become a supplier

ECI collects its colostrum of first milking via the dairy farms or the milk committees. An interesting remuneration is paid to the producer, depending on the quality of the colostrum provided. That might represent significant amounts at your enterprise scale.

If you wish to optimize your excedent of colostrum, do not hesitate to fill in the form below or contact ECI, your dairy farm or the milk Committee of your region.


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Production technology

ECI relies on the research work and experience of the scientists of the CER Groupe, who have been recognized specialists in that field for many years. 

The various products proposed by ECI guarantee a high concentration in antibodies and give an excellent protection against main pathogens present in farms, tested via "in vitro" and "in vivo" tests carried out when developping any product.

Collection and storage → Skimming → Drying → Debacterization → packaging and stocking

1- Collection: ECI collects and develops the colostrum of first milking from the producers via their dairy farms or milk Committees. After analysing it in order to determine the concentration in antibodies, raw colostrum is assembled and standardized at 70g/l in antibodies. The standardized colostrum then presents a wide range of antibodies and of immune factors active against most common pathogens.

2- Skimming: skimming the colostrum increases the best-before time of the product without reducing the biological activity.

3- Drying: To dry its colostrum, ECI currently uses two methods of transformation which have been meticulously studied and validated through Research and Development projects:
•    Lyophilization
•    Atomization (MSD – Multi Spray Drier)

4- Debacterization: this step guarantees the safety and the harmlessness of the product.

5- Packaging and stocking: after packaging, the colostrum in powder is kept in plants with very strict quality norms.

The company

Welcome to the European Colostrum Industry website, one of the European leaders on the market.
On 15 November 2011, Ouest Elevage, a French company, spin-off of Laïta (EVEN Group) and the CER Groupe (Registered Research Center active in the agro-food and biomedical fields) strengthened their partnership of over 10 years in the framework of activities linked to bovine colostrum, and signed the foundation of ECI sa, European Colostrum Industry. ECI thus benefits from a high quality know how.

This new entity, with its headquarters in Marloie (Belgium), has the mission of collecting bovine colostrum after first milking, and of transforming and distributing it as a raw material or as health food product.
ECI also manages the development of new products made with colostrum for the petfood market, the human health nutrition market and the cosmetics market.

Finally, ECI commits itself to a number of quality systems (ISO 9001, ISO 22.000 and GMP) in order to ensure its clients reliability, security and quality of its products.

They declared:

Bertrand Moinet, General Manager of ECI declared:
"The creation of this new structure by the CER Groupe and Ouest-Elevage, which have a strong expertise in the field, will allow further valorisation of the colostrum from our stockbreeders, will ensure an excellent quality colostrum for our meat producers and will allow the development of new products with high added value. Thanks to this agreement, the Luxembourg Province owns a European leader, creator of employment and of economic activity".

Jean-Luc Ménard, Director of Ouest-Elevage declared:
"By this agreement with the CER Groupe we reinforce the health nutrition strategic line of LAÏTA based on a knowledge platform in immunology around our partner. This partner opens to us the European markets of veterinary and pharmaceutical laboratories for implementation with high added value."