The colostrum

The colostrum is the first liquid produced by female mammals immediately after birth. Its composition is rich in proteins, particularly in immunoglobulins (antibodies), vitamins, minerals and growth factors.

The calf lacks immune system at birth. The colostrum, rich in maternal antibodies, is the only source able to protect the calf until its immune system is able to do so.

With calves, the use of colostrum rests on 4 fundamental rules:

1-    How soon the first meal is taken (has to be within the first 12 hours)
2-    How rich in antibodies is the first meal
3-    The total quantity taken is to be sufficient (3 or 4 litres)
4-    Respect of hygienic conditions when giving the colostrum

You will find here the requirements in terms of quality of the colostrum supplied to ECI.
Given its richness, the colostrum is a raw material appreciated for producing food complements for pet as well as for human consumption as it is very rich in antibodies and other elements with a high nourishing and healthy value.

Colostrum and immunity transfer