Production technology

ECI relies on the research work and experience of the scientists of the CER Groupe, who have been recognized specialists in that field for many years. 

The various products proposed by ECI guarantee a high concentration in antibodies and give an excellent protection against main pathogens present in farms, tested via "in vitro" and "in vivo" tests carried out when developping any product.

Collection and storage → Skimming → Drying → Debacterization → packaging and stocking

1- Collection: ECI collects and develops the colostrum of first milking from the producers via their dairy farms or milk Committees. After analysing it in order to determine the concentration in antibodies, raw colostrum is assembled and standardized at 70g/l in antibodies. The standardized colostrum then presents a wide range of antibodies and of immune factors active against most common pathogens.

2- Skimming: skimming the colostrum increases the best-before time of the product without reducing the biological activity.

3- Drying: To dry its colostrum, ECI currently uses two methods of transformation which have been meticulously studied and validated through Research and Development projects:
•    Lyophilization
•    Atomization (MSD – Multi Spray Drier)

4- Debacterization: this step guarantees the safety and the harmlessness of the product.

5- Packaging and stocking: after packaging, the colostrum in powder is kept in plants with very strict quality norms.